Bradly Dever Treadaway

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Piety, Independence, Desire, Detail, 2010

Hurricane Katrina Salvaged Windows, Liquid Emulsion Photography, Dimensions Variable


Piety, Independence, Desire is a series of works generated from Hurricane Katrina salvaged windowpanes and liquid emulsion photography applied directly to the glass within. Reclaimed from trash piles in New Orleans after Katrina, the windowpanes frame photographs and documents from the artist’s family archive, dating to the 1800’s in the crescent city and its surroundings. The cracked, worn and water damaged windowpanes create a narrative of imperfect memories, dusted off after years of neglect. The interplay of framing and imagery create divisions between the subjects, emphasizing the geographic and familial separations experienced in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. While giving new life to uncovered images of my family, an air of discord and loss surrounds the work and suggests the struggle to reclaim history and to preserve developing genealogies. Conceived initially as a response to my family’s experience with Hurricane Katrina, the work has evolved into an exploration of lineage and memory, carried out by employing the archive as form, medium, identity, legacy and its relationship to meditations on time.

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