Jamie Maxtone-Graham

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Phuong, 16, 2010

Digital C Print, Dimensions Variable

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I have been making portraits at night in the streets of Long Bien in Hanoi, Vietnam for over a year. When I began, I was interested in making work that required creating some kind of relationship and collaboration to produce an image. As a westerner living in a very homogeneous Asian society, I am very distinct and very noticed wherever I am. As a photographer here, there is only the illusion and rarely the actual possibility of being an invisible observer. In making these portraits I've endeavored to work noticed. Given my background as a cinematographer, it also seemed closer to my interests and experience to bring lighting to bear as an element in this work - a studio in the streets. I also had in mind to embrace a middle distance with the camera while at the same time looking for some small nuance of the person and of the place and the time within the frame.

This selection of portraits was part of a multi-artist project I curated and produced called The Long Bien Picture Show which culminated in a public, outdoor, projected exhibition in the Long Bien neighborhood, Dec. 2010. To view more, please go to http://vimeo.com/longbienpictureshow

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